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Pampanga, 2010

Have a look at our frequently asked questions below & don’t hesitate to contact us for any further query..

What Is the Payment Process?

We accept PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer.


25% payment is required to start the 1st stage of website development or design.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

Depending on the needs of the project, it make takes at least 45 working days max. This project is from scratch, no to minimal content provided.


On revamp/redesign it may take 7 working days without any added features.

Do I Need To Pay Extra For Plugins?

If necessary we always use free well known and legitimate plugin. 


If needed we will use premium, well known and legitimate plugins for your website. You will not pay for the 1st year subscription of the plugin, it is part of the package. But following year, you are required to pay, or it will greatly affect the website.


But if you get our maintenance package all paid plugs in will be on us. You only need to pay our monthly maintenance fee.

It Will Be A New Website, I Need Hosting and Domain

Good news, if you only need a simple 3 pages website no added features, It will be on us. You only need to host your website with us as part of the web hosting package. We have partnered with Hostinger to give you flexible and budget friendly web hosting without suffering a lost or downtime at affordable price along with the package inclusions.

What Are The Stages Of Website Development/Design?

On boarding or Planning won’t be counted as part of the stages. We only start and you only pay before we start the development process. Which are the following:


  1. Staging Period – we will use the subdomain of your website or our website. To start the Front End/Design of your website.
  2. BackEnd Period – during this stage we will work on how will your website function. Like installing of necessary plug ins.
  3. Staging Test – at this stage we will test the website for any bug or responsive error.
  4. Deployment – we will migrate the new website or design to your actual domain.
What Happen After You Finish/Deploy My Website?

We are confident with our work, so for those who avail our web hosting package, a lifetime update or maintenance will be included. As long as we’re hosting your website.

For independent project, we will give 1 month full support for any bug and required revision and a year of free basic maintenance such as, update of basic component and plugins to make sure the compatibility to your website. We will charge any request beyond that, with the exception for those who avail our monthly maintenance package.