How To Find A Pro Website Designer

Pro Website Designer

Are you looking for a website designer to build or redesign your website?

We know the nightmare of posting a website design job to receive a lot of leads screaming they are good, but fundamentally they can’t even follow simple (English) requirements on how to apply for the job. 

Real talk, they usually are the people who don’t see you as a valued client but only the value of the money for their pockets. 

Very often, you’ll find someone who cares about you and your business ideals. When you find real people, real talents, and values client relationships, the only exception they don’t come in cheap.

A lot of misconceptions on website design, it’s not as cheap as $10. It is not as simple as placing everything on the page to make it attractive. If that’s your case, “You only get what you paid for.”

So what makes a website designer a PRO in website design? Below are the key fundamentals that a PRO considers to make your website aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, engaging, effective, and successful.
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Steve Jobs

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it WORKS!"


Website design always has a purpose for the user. Are you giving information, showcasing yourself, transactions, or providing services? Each page has its unique way to showcase a specific need of your user in the most effective way possible.


People on the web want information quickly, so it is important to communicate your message clearly and informatively easy to read and digest. Best practices to include in your website: organizing information using headlines and sub-headlines, using bullet points instead of long windy sentences, keep it short and simple.

Fonts & Font Size

In general, websafe font (Sans Serifs) such as Arial and Verdana are easier to read online. Ideal font size for easy online reading is 16px with a maximum of 3 typefaces in a max of 3 point sizes to key your design streamline

Color Pallet

A well thought out color palette can go a long way to enhance the user experience. In many aspects, color is very crucial because it triggers emotion, space, and notation that represent you. Complementary colors create balance and harmony, which is very effective at giving your website a modern and uncluttered look.


A picture can speak a thousand words, by choosing the right images has a tremendous impact on brand positioning and connecting with your target audience. It is also a best practice to consider the next-gen image format to optimize your page load time.


Three click rule means users should able to find the information they are looking for within three clicks. Some other tactics for effective navigation are logical page hierarchy, using bread crumbs, custom clickable buttons, and power words to attract them to click further.


Randomly placing content on your webpage will end up clutter in appearance. Grid-based layouts arrange content into sections, columns, and boxes that well lined up and balanced, which leads to a clean better-looking website.

Content Pattern

People’s regular reading pattern has been from left to right. The same principle applies to websites. What most people see is the top and left side of the computer screen. Rather than forcing the viewers’ visual flow, why not follow the natural behavior of the reader’s and display information in order of importance (left to right, top to bottom).

Load and Responsive Design

With the shortening of people’s attention span each year, you’re not going to have a website that is not responsive and takes ages to load. This separates PRO website designers from the rest by showcasing their knowledge and applying best practices to their designs.

It is easy to create an attractive designs, but creating a working design that would be a challenge to everyone.

Have you got a website design that needs a review or redesigning? Or perhaps planning a new website right from the ground up? Why not MeshWithUs?