MeshWithUs Intriguing do during COVID-19

What MeshWithUs doing during COVID-19 Quarantine?

It is a hard time not just for MeshWithUs but also for the website developers community when the COVID-19 pandemic hits us. Lives went down the hill, professionals getting laid off, and hard earn money are draining. It hit us hard, but that won’t stop MeshWithUs to do crazy stuff.

Wonder what we do during quarantine? You might ask why not learn new things or two during this period? Nah, it wasn’t our style. We are already confident with our skill sets and able to deliver and exceed client(s) expectations.

But here are intriguing things we do (not only) during this quarantine.

MeshWithUs Loves to Maintain Systems

Computers play a vital role in our lives, especially in our line of work. We use them daily for website design, website development, create graphics and illustrations, etc.

Computer maintenance is highly essential for keeping its performance at its peak. A computer left untreated can accumulate dust and debris, which may result in slow performance. Additionally, it may get infected with viruses or malware if your antivirus is not up to date or by keeping unnecessary files.

You may buy the best computer in the market but without regular PC maintenance, you may not get the best return from your investment.

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MeshWithUs Loves Clean Station

MeshWithUs keep stations neat and free of dust. With a clean and comfortable environment to work with, considerably boost our productivity and efficiency.

They said you should make an effort to clean and organize your workstation, much like how you treat your own home. Doing so can help you do your job efficiently and comfortably.

A clean work station means zero distractions because it eliminates the time you need to search through the messy workstation just to look for the important document.

In an infographic shared on Insights for Professionals, it stated that “a lot of time can be squandered when searching for documents in a messy workspace. In cleaner, well-organized offices, paperwork can be tracked down easily and quickly.”

To simple put, a clean workstation means more time to get things done, because you feel more productive and happy with your work environment.

MeshWithUs Loves Best Technology To Work With

MeshWithUs loves new technology. We constantly look for the best and efficient hardware and software available in the market.

By investing in this kind of technology, gives our clients peace of mind that their investment to us will be well taken-care of, as we also invested for them.

We take care of our clients and their businesses by giving and investing what we know best for their business. Having a beast system like this to work with for our clients, ensures efficient and fast turnaround for all the work to be done. From website development, website designs, heavy graphics designs, and video rendering name it.

Crazily enough, we keep our team during these tough times. They are the foundation of why we start this in the first place. But these are just the intriguing stuff we usually do, not just during COVID-19 quarantine but regularly.

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