What Is The Importance Of Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance?

Startup to Medium size businesses always asks, why the need for website maintenance after the website development?

Why not ask yourself the following questions?

  • Why do I go to your nearest car dealership or service center for car maintenance?
  • Why do I need to maintain my house?
  • Why do I need to take a bath, eat, sleep, breathe, and take care of myself?

To make sure your car runs smoothly. To make your house is clean and safe. To make sure you won’t get sick. It’s a necessity. The main reason why business owners planned to have a website simply because they find it necessary for their growing business, so why not give it maintenance as well?

Website maintenance is performed to check your website regularly for any issues, oversights, and keeping it updated and relevant. Having someone to maintain your website ensures the health, security, drive traffic, and SEO of your website.

A well-maintained website is crucial to a growing business. It will ensure business continuation, attract engagements, and retain visitors or customers. 

It is easy for business owners to cut corners and let things slide. Website maintenance is one of those things because it won’t present immediate issues. However, with the ever-changing coding practices, updates, and innovations to website development, your investment is set to fail.

So, what do website developers do during website maintenance?

We don’t speak for everyone, but these are the usual checklist during our website maintenance, which are usually time-sensitive and crucial for website security and updates.

What are to be done weekly?
  1. Run a backup to ensure a previous version is stored
  2. Update website plugins and software
  3. Remove spam on comments (for blog website)
  4. Check for 404 error and broken links
  5. Write content for blog posting to keep the community engaged and encourage SEO traffic
  6. Check if all pages are loading without error on each media or devices
  7. Web Hosting or Server health
What are to be done monthly?
  1. Review the load speed of the website
  2. Review uploaded files to your website for possible virus/hack attack
  3. Review website structure and design if need improvement (why they offer unlimited revisions)
  4. Compare analytics from the previous month
  5. Review SEO strategy – meta titles, keywords and descriptions
  6. Test popups, forms, and call to action buttons
  7. Review your business website process to see if anything can be automated
  8. Compare the health of current and previous backup
  9. Run a website hosting or server check
What to done yearly
  1. Domain renewal
  2. Hosting renewal
  3. Consider whether the design is outdated
  4. Compare top performing articles and see if they can be updated with new content
  5. Update any reference to the current year

Proper website maintenance is a cycle, as you can see from the checklist that a lot of things are going on. Website maintenance is an integral part of a growing business. If not implemented correctly, it can cause haphazardly serious setbacks to you and your business.

So, if you get an offer for website maintenance, try to ask them what the inclusions are. Try to negotiate the price to only what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask 

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